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About Change IP

One-click change of your network setting. It is useful in multiple networks.

1) Support multiple TCP/IP adapters.

2) Support static IP and DHCP.

3) Support IE proxy.

4) Needn’t reboot system after IP is changed.


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圆角矩形标注: Obtain a dynamic IP address.

圆角矩形标注: Delete current IP setting


圆角矩形标注: Add a new IP setting




圆角矩形标注: Change IP Setting圆角矩形标注: Edit current IP setting


Quick Start

l         Add a new network setting. On main window, click button “Add” to open Network setting dialog. If you have multiple TCP/IP adapters, please select the one you want to configure. Enter Title and IP Address of your setting. You can refer to the examples on the right of each field. You can either enter a value or click button  to select a correct Submask. The same as DNS and Proxy (IE Proxy). At  last, click “OK” to close Network Setting dialog.

l         Change IP. Select the configured item in the Network setting list box and click button “CHANGE IP” to apply it.



l         Add a new network setting. Click button “ADD” to do it. Please refer to Quick Start.

l         Edit a network setting. It is similar to “ADD” operation.

l         Delete a network setting. Select an item and click “DELETE” button.

l         Apply a network setting.  Click “CHANGE IP” and wait for a minute.

l         Obtain a dynamic IP. Just click DHCP and wait for a minute.



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